Sign the online petition prepared by Defend ST, a task force to defend the victims of political persecution in Southern Tagalog. Or download the petition:


Sign the Migrante International- Middle East online petiton to call for the release of detained activists in the Philippines, including Atty. Saladero


3 Responses

  1. Migrante Australia and its membership will do actions to demand the immediate release of Atty Saladero and all the political detainees in the Philippines.

    Mabuhay kayo!

  2. It is with deep concern, and disdain that terrorism and human right violation do exist openly, and being directly delivered by those who are supposed to protect and upheld human rights and democracy.
    Atty. Saladero’s voice can’t be silenced, and so are the voices of the oppressed.
    It is but right to demand for his release, and place those responsible (AFP/PNP) accountable.
    President Arroyo, its your call. do it before its too late.

  3. I have a petition posted at GoPetition about the immediate release of Atty. Saladero.

    The petition can be viewed here:

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