Migrante International supports the call to free Atty. Remigio Saladero and other mass leaders and organizers of progressive organizations in Southern Tagalog

November 13, 2008

Migrante International, together with our one hundred member-organizations in 22 countries, declares its unstinting support for the call to free Atty. Remigio Saladero and other mass leaders and organizers of progressive organizations in Southern Tagalog (ST).

Aside from being a renowned legal defender of union workers, Atty. Saladero is also a diligent lawyer of OFWs who need free legal assistance. Migrante International has frequently referred to Atty. Saladero cases of OFWs who are victims of illegal recruitment, contract violations among other labour related cases.

We also add our voice to the growing condemnation by freedom loving citizens against the renewed wave of repressive tactics employed by the US- Macapagal-Arroyo regime and its cohorts in the military against the militant mass movement. The unlawful arrest and detention of Atty.Saladero and other activists and the hasty issuances of warrants of arrest for 72 other members without any preliminary investigation manifest that this regime will do anything to stifle those who dare stand up against its illegitimate, corrupt and bankrupt rule as part of its comprehensive counter-insurgency program.

We also would like to particularly highlight two of the cases; that of Bayani Cambronero, founding member of Migrante International and Frances Tolentino, Coordinator for the Migrante Sectoral Partylist in 2004. They were named as respondents in the complaint filed by a certain Marlo Timbreza on behalf of Globe Telecom,Inc. for the bombing and burning of a Globe cell cite in Lemery, Batangas last August 2. Charges include arson and the conspiracy to commit rebellion.

We are aghast at these completely false charges and the brazen legal shortcuts the prosecutor took. We especially want to express our disgust at Globe’s participation in such a blatant act of human rights violation against stalwart leaders and organizers of our movement. Our members worldwide, many of whom are Globe consumers, are monitoring this case closely and are, even now, preparing an information campaign regarding the distortion of facts in the complaint, the questionable legal procedures and over-all scheme of the regime’s, including Globe, merciless and baseless harassment of genuine activists.

We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in the mass movement and commit to work tirelessly to defend and protect our human rights and to expose and fight the state’s design to decimate the legitimate and militant struggle for genuine change.


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